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Streamline your workflow with the EVO Control app from Audient

Hot on the heels of the release of the EVO 4 and EVO 8 audio interfaces, Audient has launched its companion software: EVO Control.

It gives you access to all parameters of the hardware interface, all from within your computer. It appears in a completely resizable window, so you can keep an eye on the all-important input gain without losing focus on your DAW.Audient EVO Control

Audient recently created headlines with their exceptionally intuitive EVO audio interface range. Now with its own app, EVO Control, recording and production workflows are even more streamlined.

Audient has been synonymous with high-quality converters and preamps which have featured strongly in their audio interfaces and consoles throughout their history. With the EVO 4, they brought this commitment to quality to an easy to use interface (see features like Smart Gain—which automatically sets input levels, or Audio Loop-Back—which enables the capture of your computer’s audio, perfect for podcasting with remote guests), all at a very competitive price.

Squarely aimed at creatives on the go or in project studio environments, the EVO Control app allows you to control all settings on the hardware in real-time. Quickly switching between a monitor mix and main mix, for example, all while maintaining focus on your DAW session is made simple when using the EVO Control.

For further details on EVO Control or the EVO 4 and 8 audio interfaces, head over to the Audient website.