Chatting the new EP, festival life and The Plot with Nicole Millar

Style inspo, slick visuals and Communications: we talk the upcoming EP with Nicole Millar

Nicole Millar has had a huge year, to say the least. She’s been turning heads since a massive solo performance at this year’s Splendour in the Grass, as well hitting up a stadium tour supporting teen sensation Troye Sivan.

As we speak, she’s in the midst of her biggest solo tour yet, hitting festivals and some of Australia’s biggest venues throughout October and November. Between gigs, she took the time to chat to us about collaborating, having a slick sense of style and the festival life.

nicole millar

We get into the festival life and the new EP with Nicole Millar, one of the country’s favourite voices in electronic music.

HAPPY: Starting out, you were collaborating with some of the country’s biggest electronic acts. How did those experiences shape your solo work?

NICOLE: Working with other artists really helped my career and created a fan base. I just wanted to make music and working with people only allowed me to do this. When I first started out I didn’t know what kind of artist I wanted to be, and after working with Cosmo’s Midnight, Peking Duk and Golden Features I realised that I wanted to make electronic pop music.

HAPPY: Signals showcases a futuristic taste on 90s house, is this what we can expect on the rest of Communications or is it more of a hybrid release?

NICOLE: Oh cool thanks! Communications all together is six songs, I think they all sound nice together but they definitely all have their own thing going on. One thing is more of a slow pop jam which I’ m excited to put out, it’s something different.

HAPPY: The Tremble video has taken off. What was it like working with the fellas from yeahsure?

NICOLE: I’ve been working with Jack Toohey from yeahsure for quite a while, Jack actually contacted me on Facebook about four years ago asking me if I wanted to do a photoshoot and our creative relationship built from there. So it was hand in hand to use yeahsure for the Tremble video as they knew me well and knew what I wanted to create.

HAPPY: You’ve always had a strong sense of style and theatre – how important do you think this is for artists?

NICOLE: I really love the visual aspect of being an artist I think it’s very important for an artist to create a style that suits their music, it really makes you step up as a performer. I’m always on the look out for the next trends, constantly searching on Instagram, Tumblr, etc for inspiration for videos, fashion and music.

HAPPY: What are some visual traits you’re really into at the moment? In terms of fashion, audio visual… whatever you’re loving.

NICOLE: I’m currently working with a few fashion brands in creating one off outfits for one stage and new merch, I eventually want to have my own fashion line but who knows when that will happen! I love pastels at the moment so anything that is cool like that. I’m also working with this artist Signe Pierce on visuals for my live show, her stuff is very colourful, she does stuff for Miley Cyrus and a few other artists.

HAPPY: You hit up festivals like crazy, is there something special about these huge Aussie celebrations that keep drawing you in?

NICOLE: I love festivals! I think they are so amazing to perform at because everyone is in a good mood and ready to see live music. I think Australian festivals are great because we have a great food, music and art culture. I also love that people get a bit weird with fashion at festivals, I mean why not? It’s a place to express yourself.

HAPPY: The Plot is one festival you have coming up, which acts are you looking forward to seeing there?

NICOLE: I love that it’s an Australian lineup so there are a few friends in there that I’ll be supporting, E^st, Dylan Joel, Japanese Wallpaper, Mallrat, Vera Blue etc. Seriously Australia has so much good talent I can’t wait!

HAPPY: It’s going to be a big crowd, but that’s nothing you’re not used to. What was it like touring with a sensation as huge as Troye Sivan?

NICOLE: Touring with Troye was incredible there was nothing but good vibes, his fans are truely something else that are so supportive and really want to give it their all as an audience. I had lots of fun I didn’t want the tour to end very thankful to have joined the tour.

The Plot is coming up on the 19th of November, and will be your chance to catch Nicole and a bunch of other Aussie legends live.

Tickets are on sale here.