Sydney Sweeney poses nude and shows off her “lob”

Sydney Sweeney cut her hair into a “lob” and posed for an Instagram pic, wearing nothing but an off-the-shoulder white robe.

Sydney Sweeney is sporting a new look these days. The Euphoria actress has shortened her blonde locks and opted for a stylish side-part. The iconic “lob” (long bob) she’s showcasing seems to be all the rage in the world of celebrity hair-dos.

Just yesterday, Sydney premiered her look with a glamorous shot, posted to her official Instagram page. The photo, which has now amassed over 2 million likes, shows Sydney Sweeney nude posing for the camera wearing nothing but an off-the-shoulder white robe, with her glowing skin and new hairstyle on display.

Sydney Sweeney
Credit: Instagram @sydney_sweeney

Last week, in a discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, Sydney Sweeney made it very clear that she’s got no issue with getting naked for film and TV shoots. The Emmy-nominated actress, who is known for her legendary role as ‘Cassie Howard’ in the popular HBO series, Euphoria, opened up about her experiences filming nude scenes.

Regarding Sydney Sweeney nudes she stated that she “won’t stop doing them,” but wishes they were easier to openly discuss in the entertainment industry, without the public making immediate assumptions.


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“They think, ‘Oh, she gets naked onscreen, she’s a sex symbol’,” she explained. “And I can’t get past that. I have no problems with those scenes, and I won’t stop doing them, but I wish there was an easier way to have an open conversation about what we’re assuming about actors in the industry.”

It’s safe to say that Sydney Sweeney naked scenes have captivated fans worldwide. Images of Sydney Sweeney topless have made Sydney Sweeney boobs highly recognisable. This is unsurprising, as a Sydney Sweeny nude shot is most definitely a sight to behold. In fact, the Euphoria star herself has made comments about her famous Sydney Sweeney tits by stating during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that that her grandparents believe she “has the best tits in Hollywood.”