Take the tour and meet the tenants: the iconic One Way Jesus building is opening it’s doors for Sydney Art Month

We all know it: the brutalist building known for it’s iconic “One Way Jesus” sign and strange step-like structure.

For many, the apartment block brings back childhood memories of road trips across the big and bustling Harbour Bridge.


Believe it or not, the Cumberland St apartment complex has been quite a polarising building. Some call the former public housing project an eyesore, whilst others label it a cultural artefact.

As part of Art Month Sydney and amidst all the controversy, the public will be able to tour the structure’s many levels and meet its interesting remaining residents.

Six tours have already sold out, so be sure to sign up quick.


Positioned in Millers Point, the complex also known as the Sirius Apartments,may get the best views of the harbour in the whole of Sydney.

And that is why everyone is causing a fuss.

The State Government announced in 2014 that the prime piece of real estate will be bought off and transformed into both social and affordable housing units worth over $100 million.

Although The Heritage Council have fought the plans and placed Green bans on the Sirius Apartment, the building has not been heritage listed.

As a result, the Save Our Sirius (SOS) movement has begun, rallying to prevent this relic from destruction.

Architect Tao Gofers is responsible for its unusual design, which ensures no views of the Opera House are blocked even though it remains the only high rise on The Rocks.

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Gofers will be a part of the Sirius Tour Event.

Tour dates have been added on March 11 and 25, so grab your tickets here.