YouTube TV and chill? A brand new live TV streaming service is set to launch.

YouTube TV and chill? The media giant is making a big move towards live TV streaming

In another attempt to dominate the entertainment industry, YouTube has announced their newest live streaming TV service.

This comes after a year of rumours, tech theories and company leaks.


In a bid to tap into the modern zeitgeist of non-traditional viewing, YouTube are making their app and new services easily accessible to younger audiences across mobile devises, computers and television.

Even though we are in this golden age of content, the current TV age isn’t doing it justice”, chief product officer Neal Mohan says. “We feel we are in a great position to reinvent the way TV works.

Reinvent TV? What. A. Claim.

Although this streaming market is extremely competitive, YouTube seems to be ticking all the right boxes to ensure the service soars to the top.

YouTube TV will feature both a TV guide and search option, while each account is offered its own personal DVR.

The media giant has signed with major networks like CBS, Disney, ABC and 21st Century Fox, but have also revealed their intensions to distribute their own content.

However, channels like CNN, HBO and Cartoon Network are notably not on the featured list of contributors.

YouTube TV subscribers will pay somewhere between $25 and $40 a month for a TV package.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the service is a US-only app and isn’t available to Aussies…yet.