Tame Impala x Diana Ross poster has fans asking a lot of questions

Tame Impala fans find hidden detail on London poster hinting a Diana Ross collaboration

On the weekend, London residents woke up to colourful posters plastered around the city that left Tame Impala fans with more questions than answers.

After people in London began to spot ’70s inspired psychedelic posters around the city on the weekend, that teased a collaboration between Diana Ross and Tame Impala, a few theories started to emerge.

Some people have made the optimistic suggestion that Tame Impala and Diana Ross could be making a en entire collaborative record together, while others have theorised that the poster could be teasing the soundtrack for the upcoming Minions film.

Diana Ross Tame Impala Poster
Credit: Adam Lewis

A collaborative album by Diana Ross and Tame Impala is the record we need, but certainly not the record we deserve. However, it does seem more likely that the poster is trying to hype everyone up for Minions: The Rise of Gru.

So why do people think the poster is for Minions? Well, if you have a look under Diana Ross’ name, you’ll see a glimpse of a Minion head sticking out.

On top of that, the upcoming Despicable Me prequel is actually set in the 1970s, so the poster design actually makes a lot of sense in that regard.

Rumours have been floating around that the soundtrack could be comprised of the artists included on the poster covering a selection of popular ’70s songs. That’s a soundtrack we can definitely get behind.

Among those teased to feature on the project are Phoebe Bridgers, Thundercat, St. Vincent, Kali Uchis and Brockhampton.

According to the poster, the album is “coming soon,” but that’s all the information we have on the release date so far.