Someone has found Taylor Swift’s old MySpace photos and they’re a ’00s nightmare

Taylor Swift’s old MySpace photos have resurfaced and they’re just proof that even pop megastars did their time with those embarrassing haircuts.

I’m sure Taylor Swift could probably shake it off now that she’s a global megastar, but some hilariously embarrassing MySpace images of the singer have recently emerged online. Spoiler alert, they’re comedy gold.

The photos really offer an insight into Taylor‘s pre-pop-star days, showing that even some of the most famous celebrities did their time with atrocious fringes and masses of eyeliner.

Taylor Swift
Photo: Taylor Swift Myspace

These selfies are enough to give any ’00s kid horrid flashbacks from their MySpace days, and a definite dread of their own photos resurfacing.

The photos are probably long forgotten by her now, but they are all an incredible depiction of the trends of the ’00s. Digital cameras, photo booth filters, serious poses for selfies, and, of course, Fob Cuts.

Not only have photos of the singer gone viral, but bizarre comments she made on the site have also. We don’t know if she’s trying to be wise or having a go at an ex-boyfriend but they’re gold none-the-less.

The posts are really an accurate representation of what so many went through in the early 2000s, except that the large majority of us don’t have a global superstar, pop career to fall back on. However, it hasn’t stopped the social media world from going into a meltdown over the photos.

The resurfaced pics will really have no impact on Swift whatsoever, but she’d wanna be grateful that she has style now since she definitely didn’t back then.