Tetsuians debut album is full of twists, turns, and surf-rock intrigue

Melbourne indie-pop trio, Tetsuians, have unleashed a debut album full of twists, turns, bite, and intrigue.

The self-titled record from Tetsuians is a re-enactment of a 60’s and 80’s narrative, set to an alternative timeline that builds a bridge between lo-fi experimentation and retro-gazing rock ’n’ roll.

TetsuiansTetsuians debut LP offers a unique blend of alternate, pop and 60s surf rock. Like a wipeout through a timewarp, Tetsuians will leave sand in your teeth and seaweed in your hair.

Having a fascination for obscure Japanese pop-culture, the name Tetsuians, derived from a Japanese dental campaign, suggesting an other-worldly culture that the band could possess. A bit like extra-terrestrials that look like humans – not duplicates, but distant kin that happened to make slightly left, off centre music. The self-titled debut album offers this and more. Lead single, Chump Change, blasts into you like J Mascis covering Cream; a sharp jangle of heated amps and slippery melodic swirls.

Opening track Perspex Abattoir is a hurtling, screaming comet of alt-rock goodness, drawing likeness to 13th Floor Elevators and The Replacements. Quirky as the lyrical imagery is, it’s certainly not naive. Guitarist and vocalist Trent Price has a talent for crafting obscure characters and abstract story telling, building a world of its own within the album. Song by song, brick by brick.

‘We’re not poets or songwriters, but we’ve pulled enough songs apart and put them together again to sort of know what we’re doing. There might be a few screws left over
from the original instruction manual but they do the job’ says Trent Price.

Check out Tetsuians below:

With an intelligent knack for song craft and thoughtful, surreal lyricism, Tetsuians have crafted a brilliant body of work with their debut album.

From the hurtling, surf-rock catapults to the stripped back adventures, Tetsuains have got something for everyone who’s into interesting art.