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Unleash Your Mic’s Potential: A Closer Look at the AEA TRP500 Preamp

Explore how this leading innovator in audio amplification, from restoring vintage mics to modern preamps, is revolutionising recording

Discover the AEA TRP500 preamp, a groundbreaking addition to the world of audio amplification.

Founded by Wes Dooley in 1976, AEA has a storied history rooted in the repair and restoration of RCA ribbon microphones, laying the foundation for innovation in modern audio equipment.

Throughout its journey, AEA transitioned from repairing RCA ribbon mics to crafting its own classics, such as the R44C, which set new standards in studio recording.

This evolution culminated in the development of the TRP500, a preamp designed to redefine audio amplification.

The TRP500 preamp boasts up to 85dB of gain, delivering pristine amplification that brings out the best in passive ribbon microphones.

Its high impedance of 100,000 ohms ensures optimal performance, allowing ribbon mics to shine without sacrificing clarity or fidelity.

Additionally, the TRP500 preamp features a selectable high-pass filter and polarity flip, offering precise control over audio signals to sculpt your sound with precision.

Versatility is at the core of the TRP500’s design, catering to a wide range of microphone types beyond ribbon mics. Its intuitive controls, including stepped input and output gain pots, provide seamless integration into any recording setup.

The superior JFET circuit design ensures a transparent audio path, capturing every nuance with exceptional detail and clarity.

Built for reliability, the TRP500 features three LEDs for signal monitoring, ensuring optimal recording conditions even in demanding environments.

Its rugged construction speaks to its durability and suitability for professional use.

Priced at approximately $1000 Australian dollars, the TRP500 represents a worthwhile investment for audio professionals seeking uncompromising quality and performance. 

Experience the difference it brings to your recordings by exploring its capabilities on our YouTube channel.