The Buckleys return with enchanting new EP ‘Take It As It Comes’

Once again, The Buckleys show us why they’re Australia’s most beloved sibling trio, with a delightful new EP, Take It As It Comes.

Following the release of their stunning single, Oops I Love You (and the equally-captivating music video that accompanied it), The Buckleys make a grand return with their new EP, Take It As It Comes.

The Byron Bay-hailing sibling trio started making waves a few years ago, but had no idea what was in store for them, and certainly not that they would achieve anything beyond their wildest dreams. Especially since the band rose to popularity during a time when the world was paralysed by COVID-19. This makes their success even more astonishing, as there was no touring, promotional radio or TV appearance opportunities at the time.

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The Buckleys were quickly dubbed ‘Country Hippie’ for their feel-good music, that quite frankly cannot be squarely boxed away into any genre norm. This continues to be demonstrated in their latest EP, Take It As It Comes, which showcases different sides of the band, but don’t worry, they don’t stray too far from the signature sound that made us all fall madly in love with them.

The five-track EP sees the band expand upon that ‘Country Hippie’ sound by experimenting with healthy doses of meticulously-crafted pop that was born naturally from the band. Vocalist, Sarah, tells Happy: “The songs featured on this EP, we really feel embody who we are and what we want to say in this moment, personally and artistically.”


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The first song on the EP is the title track, Take It As It Comes, which bubbles with youthful effervescence and positivity. The vocals are effortless and velvety smooth, thus capturing your attention instantly as you immerse yourself in the dazzling vigour and lust for life they hold, which is a refreshing hit to the airwaves.

Transitioning into Oops I Love You, which was the first single to be released off the EP and has enjoyed widespread love and praise, is a charismatic song that is insatiable with its pop melody. It’s a sizzling song about romance, with a feel-good bounce that will forever be stuck in your head.

What Ya Gonna Do About It sees the band slowing down to a mid-tempo pop track, oozing with romantic lyrics that also have a cheeky flare to them, and a delicious hook to sink your teeth into.

The next track, Fool Me is a sentimental ballad with buttery vocals that drip with heartache. The song has sombre undertones that add texture to Sarah’s emotive vocal delivery, pulling you into the swirl of emotions. Love Me Wrong is the final track, which brings back the traditional swing and twang of the melodic guitar. It showcases more of the band’s roots, whilst still keeping the sound fresh with velvety pop vocals that explore the highs and woes of romance.


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The Buckleys’ Take It As It Comes is an EP that spreads so much warmth through your chest. It sees the trio bringing in pop elements to elevate their sound and explore new ideas on how to capture emotions and experiences to give to their audience. The Buckleys have show us again why they are Australia’s most beloved sibling trio, and why the rest of the world will forever be besotted by them.

You catch The Buckleys Premiere their mini documentary, Take It As It Comes at the Byron Bay Film Festival next Saturday, October 29, at the Byron Bay Theatre. Grab your tickets here. The film showcases the creation of their new EP which was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. It highlights the band’s growth since their birth in 2019 and offers personal insight into their close family bond as siblings, musicians, songwriters and creatives. The film also promotes their strong ties and bond with the Northern Rivers community, and brings awareness to the devastating floods that hit the region this year.

Stream Take It As It Comes via Spotify below, and immerse yourself in this compelling new EP that will have your toes curling with giddiness and delight!