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We can all be thankful for The National’s cover of Give It To Teddy from Bob’s Burgers

Continuing their long-standing relationship with the show, The National have covered a Thanksgiving themed song from the television program Bob’s Burgers, Give It To Teddy. 

The song appeared on the latest episode of Bob’s Burgers, premiering over the Thanksgiving weekend.

the national bob's burgers

Let’s all say thanks for this holy partnership between The National and Bob’s Burgers.

The National have put their own signature spin on the track, transforming it into a heartfelt ballad; the kind we’ve come to know and love from the Ohio five-piece.

The band have already established a working relationship with the show, having covered two Thanksgiving themed songs and one Christmas themed song from the program. They have also had various other tracks appear throughout the show’s eight seasons.

The band were set to cover another Thanksgiving themed track in 2015 titled Thanksgiving for Everybody (Except Europeans), though the track was scrapped following the Paris terror attacks.

Although they are yet to appear as characters in a particular episode, The National have appeared in the show’s animated music videos.

It was recently announced that a Bob’s Burgers movie is due out in 2020. Let’s pray The National play a role in it.



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November 27, 2017