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Driftwood takes a sophisticated turn in his completely captivating new clip Logout

Since knocking us off our feet with his clip Medusa a few months back, Driftwood is back with a yet another incredible production. As always, the artistic direction behind this clip is phenomenal. Swathed in beautiful, moody, dark light and a contemporary colour scheme, Logout is modern and yet has a sophistication that sets the clip apart.

There was a noticeable dirty, sensual and gritty character to Driftwood’s earlier releases and Logout is a step in a different direction.

Centred around a warehouse turned art gallery, we follow the gaze of a man seemingly lost in contemplation. The art starts at simple frames and transitions slowly into enormous Asian tapestries, the injection of colour is truly beautiful and absolutely makes the video.


Driftwood seems to have a knack for being able to take a dark, sombre theme and turn it into something truly worthy of everyone’s gaze. His clips are impeccably produced and are art in their own right.

While we do get a flicker of that street scene, friends out in an urban landscape, perhaps a jump back to a memory, the audience is most definitely held in that void of remembrance as dictated by our gallery watcher.

Logout is an apt title. You do switch off, watching the slow flutter of the tapestries and the lightly pluming smoke of the cigarette. You’re caught in a moment and you cannot leave.

This is an incredible clip, and while not as complex as his others, Driftwood has proved to me that he has the ability to create cinematic and beautifully orchestrated visual accompaniments to his music. This is the sort of clip I would share amongst friends, a really wonderful piece of work and one which you cannot help but be in awe of.


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November 27, 2017