The Splints bring Brit Pop back with debut single ‘Come And Get It’

The Splints will have you completely mesmerised and nostalgic with their debut single Come And Get It.

Hailing from the vibrant streets of Brisbane is a four-piece rock outfit The Splints. Meeting during the time when each member was on a musical journey with other bands, they decided to come together to blend their diverse musical backgrounds, and breathe a new life into their local music scene.

The Splints
Credit: Press

Bringing influences of pop-punk and indie-rock, they have meticulously curated a guitar-rock sound with elements of nostalgia, bringing back the soundscape of bands that they loved in their youth to a fresh audience.

The Splints are bringing a refreshing sonic experience to the music scene, with choppy guitars, dance party drums, and harmonies that are influenced by the ’60s with a modern twist. With their debut single Come And Get It showcasing what they are all about and how this is just the beginning for these young rockers.

The Splints
Credit: Press

Come And Get It was conceived by songwriter and band member James Walmsey in his early 20’s. The track delves into self-limitation, chronic overthinking, and the flick-of-the-switch decision to invite all those fears and anxieties in to essentially come and get it.

Come And Get It Conceptual Art Piece
Credit: Ryan Sim (Conceptual Art Piece)

The track kicks off with funky drum beats and catchy guitar riffs, reminiscent of the Brit Pop era. James’ lush vocals will instantly have you hooked, as the track explodes with vibrant melodies and harmonies. The track is filled with catchy lyrical hooks and an insanely infectious chorus that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

Come And Get It is a track that will have you captivated from the first beat. With this being The Splints’ debut track, you can only expect that there will be more infectious tunes coming out from the woodworks this year.

You can now stream Come And Get It via Spotify below.