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The very last Blockbuster Video is winning Twitter


Video shops across the world have been slowly but surely dropping like flies.  I remember the good old days, Fridays after school, The Elanora Heights Civic Video, a VHS or two in hand and, if we were lucky, a bag of mixed lollies.

Alas this is due to become a mere memory and my children will never know the thrill of getting your rental back JUST in time, free movies on your birthday and getting the shop owner to call your mum and confirm that you were indeed allowed to watch the M15+.

Blockbuster video

There are now only a few lone warriors braving the cold. The last standing Blockbuster in all of the USA is winning at Twitter.

One of these stores has gotten quite the reaction, heading to Twitter and posting a commentary of their experience being one of the last remaining cultural icons of a generation.

[via Bored Panda]


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August 7, 2017