Another monolith appeared in California but some angry Christians already destroyed it

Just over a week since the discovery of the original monolith, a third unexplained structure popped up in California. It was then promptly demolished.

In the latest update to the question of whether the world will in fact be ending at the close of 2020 (prompted by the ever-increasing presence of mysterious monoliths culminating in alien invasion – or maybe just demise via mass hysteria), a third unexplained monolith has now appeared in California.

Alas, before we even had time to come to terms with its presence on our earthly-realm, the monolith was destroyed by a band of disgruntled Christians, who replaced it with a wooden cross.

monolith california
Photo: Kaytlyn Leslie

According to The Atascadero News, the monolith was first noticed on Wednesday morning at Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California. Much like its predecessors in Utah and Romania, the structure measured around three metres tall and featured three reflective metal sides.

Yet, before the newly erected monolith could even enjoy its new place in the world, the structure was reportedly destroyed by a group of young males, all the while chanting the likes of “America First” and “Christ is King”.

According to Vice, a five-hour video of the whole expedition was uploaded to streaming site DLive by user CultureWarCriminal. Allegedly one MAGA-wearing member labelled the monolith “gay” before the group proceeded to knock over the structure and replace it with a wooden cross.

“Christ is king in this country. We don’t want illegal aliens from Mexico or outer space,” someone else can be heard exclaiming in the video. “Let’s tear this bitch down, boys.”

The imagery of the newly replaced cross appears to have become a rallying point for a group of online conservatives espousing far-right conspiracy theories and racist ideologies. Right now, CultureWarCriminal can be found on Twitter basking in (what must feel like) his fifteen minutes of fame.

If the aliens come, for the love of God, please just let them take these guys.