The mysterious monolith that appeared in southeastern Utah has vanished

In a hidden canyon slot within the southeastern Utah desert, the mysterious 10-foot monolith has strangely vanished as quickly as it appeared.

The “illegally installed structure” made an appearance in rural Utah after being discovered by a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter on November 18.

The monolith (a large single upright block of stone), left observers baffled, with theories for its presence ranging from being a new wave art installation” or some kind of metallic pillar installed by aliens.

Monolith Utah
Image: Department of Public Safety Utah

The location of the monolith was kept classified in order to deter brave seekers from venturing in the remote landscape to see the space-like metal structure for themselves. But, of course, this did not deter several eager explorers who ventured through rocky terrain to investigate the monolith.

One particular eager beaver, David Surber posted some incredible footage of the standing pillar along with clear instructions on how to reach it. Surber’s footage, which has over 40,000 views, gives us an insight into the aluminium, non-magnetic structure, which allegedly sounds like a “cardboard box” when knocked. There it stood, oddly similar to the black monolith in the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odessy, proudly and without explanation or reason.


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In an official statement by the BLM Utah: “using, occupying, or developing the public lands or their resources without a required authorisation is illegal, no matter what planet you are from”.

But alas, in the midst of all our rumours and theories, the monolith was removed on November 27th by an “unknown party”.

I am left with more questions than ever, the most prominent one being why on earth did nobody think to stick some cameras near the monolith so that we can see some alien action?!

Without any evidence of how it appeared or how it was removed, there is nothing left but to ponder on but the mental image of the strange monolith being lifted by a UFO and blasted off into the unknown galaxy.

UPDATE: A photographer by the name of Ross Bernards has now come forward and said that he saw four guys knock over the monolith and take it away in a wheelbarrow. Check out his Instagram post for the wild story (complete with photos) below.


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