This site compares your Spotify playlists with pals to determine compatibility

It’s always easy to get along with a mate if they like good music, and checking out their Spotify playlist is a perfect way to tell how alike you are.

And while we aren’t saying that your pals have to have the same taste as you, it always helps if you can relate based on the tracks that make you swoon.

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For those of us who are extra picky, this new site lets you discover your compatibility with friends, based on your Spotify playlist.

Musictaste.space scans your Spotify playlist and compares it to those of your friends (and even those of strangers) giving you a compatibility percentage rate based on your tastes. 

Created in Melbourne by marketing and computer science student Kalana Vithana, users can easily log in with their Spotify account to find out how compatible their music taste is with other friends who use the platform. You can then retrieve a code, which can be shared on social media to see how your taste compares to the rest of the world!

The site has received significant traffic over recent days, being used in over 75 countries and calculating 162,488 compatibilities for over 124,829 Spotify listeners. 

The site has some pretty cool additional features, including insights about your favourite genres, which artists you have been digging during quarantine, the type of moods or emotions you often explore through listening, as well as our favourite feature, the obscurity score. Calculated using the obscurity algorithm, this score is based on the popularity of your favourite artists. The lower the number score you receive, the more complex your taste is. The higher the score, the more mainstream you are. (We have a feeling this score might hurt some people’s feelings).

We know you are already excited to check out the site, so go on ahead. But as tempting as it might be to ditch your mate when you find out they listen to Justin Bieber on repeat, music isn’t the only measure of friendship