Justin Bieber forced to downgrade stadium tour reportedly due to coronavirus

It seems the threat of coronavirus is even beginning to impact major artists, as Justin Bieber has just announced the downgrading of his upcoming stadium tour to arena shows.

The downgrade is apparently due to low ticket sales prompted by the virus, although a less than ideal reception to his latest album could also have something to do with it.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been forced to move his upcoming stadium tour dates to arena-sized venues reportedly due to low ticket sales impacted by coronavirus.

The lagging ticket sales seem to be occurring across the board. At least 9 stadium dates have been downgraded to Arena shows with possibly many more to come. Some of these include major cities such as Denver, Nashville, Tampa, Cleveland, Washington, DC, and Detroit – all supposedly stemming from people’s fear of catching coronavirus.

A statement from Bieber’s team described that the singer would rather “relocate several tour stops to guarantee they could fill seats.” Granted, this does seem to be a better option than playing to empty stadiums.

Recently the singer released his latest album, Changes, which was met with a rather lacklustre reception from the industry.

Michael Cragg from The Guardian described the record as “an album that feels like a purely selfish endeavour on Bieber’s part.”  Whilst Jeremy Helligar from Variety described: “Bieber is more concerned with setting a mood than pumping out hooks… [Justin’s] voice and the production are flawless, and his soul is in the right place — but there’s something airless about the album.”

The album, which looks at the deeper aspects of his personal life and love for his wife, has been dubbed a “passion project”. Perhaps this has something to do with the low ticket sales.