TikTokker buries sarcophagus of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to confuse future archaeologists

A TikTok creator has buried a sarcophagus containing one bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, to baffle future archaeologists.

A now-viral clip posted three days ago sees TikTokker, @sunday.nobody burying a 1,360-kilogram sarcophagus, which he created with reinforced concrete, along with a laser-inscribed headstone, displaying the ingredients for the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

In the sarcophagus itself, future archaeologists will find a single bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, hopefully in 10,000 years’ time. As instructed on a plaque situated above the burial location, “do not open for 10,000 years.”

Credit: TikTok @sunday.nobody

As if that wasn’t elaborate enough for a single bag of this popular snack, @sunday.nobody also casts it in resin, before suspending it with metal wiring in order to protect it from potential earthquakes.

The legendary TikTokker then proceeds to “burn off all the germs” inside the Cheeto coffin with a diode laser, for preservation purposes. See the whole bewildering process yourself via TikTok below.

@sunday.nobody♬ original sound – Sunday Nobody

As reported by IFLSCIENCE, “Sunday Nobody says he was not paid by Cheetos for the tomb, and that they are not aware of the project.” The clip, which has amassed 1.5 million likes to date, has generated a flurry of excited and perplexed comments across social media.

“Dear god, I wish I could have been an archaeologist uncovering and deciphering this sarcophagus 2,000 years in the future,” Tweeted one individual. “If it’s ever rediscovered, it will be the crown jewel of some future museum. Like the Rosetta Stone.” Another person added, “I think archaeologists should be more open to the idea that sometimes ancient civilizations just buried stuff as a bit.” 

And finally, as aptly stated by Reddit user, @TheGreatSzalam, The thing is, unless the record of his burial survives long enough, they won’t know this was buried as a prank. 10,000 years is a really long time. The assumption would be that this was an important thing to the ancient peoples.”

The Redditor continues: “English has changed so much in the past 300 years. Imagine how much it will have changed in 10,000. Trying to translate the inscription will drive them nuts and they’ll probably get a bunch of it wrong.”