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A movie studio is being built in space for Tom Cruise film

A UK production company studio Space Entertainment Enterprise announced plans to attach a movie studio to the International Space Station.

On Thursday, a spokesperson from the studio told CNBC that the company is “in production on the upcoming Tom Cruise movie, which will be filmed in space.”

Talk about a Mission Impossible.

Credit: SEE

Space Entertainment Enterprise (SEE) was co-founded by producers Elena and Dmitry Lesnevsky have made plans with a construction service, Axiom to build the module called the SEE-1 and have scheduled the launch for December 2024.

The new space studio will show off a whole new environment for film fanatics, although we think producers have done a pretty good job with CGI.

The co-founders have said the module would be “the world’s first content and entertainment studios and multipurpose arena in space.”

The president and CEO of Axiom, Michal Suffredini said in a statement: “Adding a dedicated entertainment venue to Axiom Station’s commercial capabilities in the form of SEE-1 will expand the station’s utility as a platform for a global user base and highlight the range of opportunities the new space economy offers,”

It’s good to know that we’re no longer trying to make money off the resources on earth, we’re bringing our capitalistic ways to utter space and beyond.

The SEE has claimed to be working on a film with Tom Cruise that will be filmed in the new space studio but the actor himself has not yet publicly commented on the project although NASA said they were working on a movie with Cruise almost two years ago.

The SEE press release said: “The company is currently in discussions with investors and commercial partners on the project with a further fundraising round planned shortly,”

We’re guessing it’s going to cost a pretty penny. Paying Tom Cruise alone is set to drive their budget through the roof.