Tom Waits would like to show you a 76-song playlist by Tom Waits

Tom Waits is a one in a million artist. Both for his unique character and as an expert song crafter.

Mr Waits has built a large spooky catalogue over his 45-year career. Within his arsenal is six studio albums, various live albums and two full soundtracks. It’s an excellent discography, but can be an intimidating mountain to climb without a guide. So, who better to lead you up it rather than the man himself?

The playlist, which spans the full width and breadth of his career, takes you on a journey from his warped folk songs to his grinding industrial experiments.

It feels as if Tom Waits himself is leading you through his laboratory of freakish yet beautiful creations.

This is a great way for you – or anyone you might know – to get acquainted with Tom Waits if you’ve been meaning to. Or if you’ve never had any intention of listening to him, how about you chuck it on anyway, it’s a sign of an open personality. It’ll make for an interesting evening as you enjoy this timeless artist’s diverse musical stylings, I promise.

As The AV Club suggests, having artists curate their own playlists is a fantastic way to tone down the “inevitable arguments” about what phase of his career should’ve been emphasised and why. So if you don’t like how this playlist pans out, how about you take up with Tom himself, but I’m sure you wouldn’t dare do that.

Via AV Club.