Get your heart broken all over again with the reissue of Tom Wait’s first seven records

In late 1979 Tom Waits met Kathleen Brenner, whom he married within two months at a Los Angeles wedding chapel at two in the morning. Waits once said of his wife “I didn’t just marry a beautiful woman, I married a record collection.”

Brenner introduced Waits to a variety of alien genres of music, including foreign film scores, German theatre, and Asian percussion, which all went on to heavily influence his sound. Though before Waits had met Brenner, and before his music took a weirdly wonderful detour, Waits was a master of the piano ballad; painting scenes of dark bars, and portraits of heartbroken lives.

Travel back to the beginning of an incredible and prolific career, with the reissue of Tom Waits’ seven ‘Elektra Asylum’ era records

The albums, released throughout the 1970s, include 1973’s Closing Time, 1974’s Heart of Saturday Night, 1975’s Nighthawks At The Diner, 1976’s Small Change, 1977’s Foreign Affairs, 1978’s Blue Valentine, and 1980’s Heartattack & Vine.

Each reissue will be overseen by Waits and Brenner, who will be remastering each album personally.

The announcement comes after the reissue of Waits’ later work last year, which included every record spanning from 1999’s Mule Variations to 2011’s Bad As Me.

The first of the reissues set to be released is Closing Time, which will be available for purchase from March 9th. The rest of the albums will be released at various points throughout the year.

Check out the details over at Waits’ ANTI store here.