NSW’s new ‘Transport Yourself’ ad is sparking debate online

The ‘Transport Yourself’ ads depict people walking or riding bikes to encourage the NSW public to take the healthier, greener option.

A new government initiative suggests the public consider riding their bikes or walking to get from A to B instead of getting public transport, rideshare services or driving your own car.

The initiative is copping a lot of flack online because of course, it’s not a realistic option for a large amount of the public.

If someone living in Parramatta works in Surry Hills, it would take them approximately 5 hours to walk to work.

Of course, we do love to see the idea floating around the government as a more green option. For those of us lucky enough to live closer to our workplaces, walking is by far the best option.

You don’t have to deal with train schedules and you even reduce your risk of catching that pesky spicy cough.

Walking or riding your bike is also an excellent option when taking more local journeys for grocery shopping or even on a night out.

Luckily, Sydney has vibrant hubs all over the city so you’re not usually too far from the essentials and adding a 20-minute walk to your routine is the perfect way to get moving and cop a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Despite these positives, most people are reacting to the ads with laughter, feeling as though the campaign is a little tone-deaf.

One person tweeted: “The other amusing aspect was that this poster was on a shelter at an L1 light rail stop — the line which is closed for 18 months due to mechanical problems on the trams. “Transport yourself” means “Fuck it, you’re on your own from here”.”

And another said: “I think the difference is, in other cities when they want to change attitudes, they’ll close a road to car traffic or pay residents $1500 to buy a bicycle. In Sydney it’s a poster that says “you should walk more””