Trump shares manipulated video of Biden jamming out to NWA’s ‘Fuck Tha Police’

Donald Trump shares fake video of Joe Biden jamming out to N.W.A’s Fuck Tha Police in a tweet that was marked as ‘manipulated media’ by Twitter.

Donald Trump has missed a golden opportunity to mock his Democrat opponent after Joe Biden walked out to an event celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and awkwardly played Despacito on his cell phone.

The moment is seriously uncomfortable; however, instead of using the original video as firepower, Trump shared a fake version of the video, replacing Despacito with N.W.A‘s 1988 hit, Fuck Tha Police. 

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Trump captioned the tweet, “What is this all about?”

Originally posted by an account called ‘The United Spot’, the video, which shows Biden jamming out to the protest song, is indeed hilarious. After it was posted, Twitter labelled it as ‘manipulated media’.

Despite claiming to be the poster child for the fight against ‘fake news’, Trump didn’t take down his own tweet once it was labelled with a warning. Instead, he later retweeted the video with the new caption, “China is drooling. They can’t believe this.”

The original video has lead to a series of memes and certainly isn’t a good look for Biden, who comes off as seriously out of touch in his cultural appropriation of the Hispanic community, something that would usually be enough fuel for a Trump attack.

However, with Trump’s incessant claims that Biden is weak on law and order and supports defunding the police, the ‘manipulated’ version of the video better fits in with Trump’s agenda. To be fair, it’s hard to be 100% certain that Trump knows the video is a fake.

Trump isn’t a stranger from using manipulated media to enforce his agenda. Back in July, he tweeted a video of a Texan doctor claiming, without evidence, that masks weren’t effective against coronavirus. The tweet was even taken down by Twitter.

Between Trump, Biden, and even Kanye West, the United States certainly aren’t spoilt for choice when it comes to the November election.