Trump launches new ‘Truth Social’ app, and of course, it doesn’t work

Donald Trump’s new social media app, ‘Truth Social’ launched today. Surprise, surprise, it doesn’t actually work.

Donald Trump has finally launched ‘Truth Social’, an app created to rival the numerous social media platforms the former President was banned from, after years of spreading misinformation to millions of followers.

Users signed up to Truth Social this morning hoping for an app that, you know… actually worked. But instead they were greeted by a placeholder screen.

Truth Social
Credit: James Devaney/GC Images & App store

The app claims that its failure to launch is due to “massive demand,” but it took less than 15,000 people for the app to crash, and they didn’t even join simultaneously.

A message on the screen read, “We love you, and you’re not just another number to us,” right before literally labelling them with a number.

Truth Social was developed as a platform “that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation.” An online utopia where users can liberally spread misinformation, and post violent hate speech.

Oh, but if you say anything bad about Donald Trump or the app itself, you’ll get the boot. So freedom of speech… as long as it’s what Trump and his supporters agree with.

If users ever get past the app’s welcome page, they can expect a platform that looks a lot like Twitter, but instead of sharing tweets, users will post ‘truths’.

To launch the app, Trump got behind the turntable to perform his debut DJ set at his Mar-A-Lago resort.

Unfortunately we don’t have access to the tracklist, but his options are probably limited considering how many bands have sued him for publicly playing their songs.