Victoria hits record daily infection rate as COVID-19 continues to soar

Okay, we will admit that the rest of Australia has spent the last month cracking a few jokes at Victoria’s expense. If Australia were a dinner party, Victoria would be that drunk Aunty that makes a fool of herself and ruins everything. However, the state’s growing infection rate has made these jokes feel a little less timely and sees our situation growing a little grimmer. 

Yesterday, Premier Daniel Andrews confirmed a further 723 new cases of coronavirus and 13 deaths in Victoria, Australia’s highest daily total since the pandemic started.

Victoria COVID-19

With growing numbers and increased restrictions, will the COVID-19 situation in Victoria get better any time soon? 

Thursday’s infection rate surpasses Victoria’s previous daily record by more than 190 cases, a number that many experts weren’t expecting. In order to combat growing cases, new regulations have been put in place. From 11:59 pm on Sunday, regional Victorians will also be required to wear a face-covering in public, as well as city dwellers. On the change, Premier Daniel Andrews stated: 

“It’s inconvenient, it’s challenging, but it’s essentially stage four for Melbourne, and it’s something we can do in regional Victoria without causing significant economic cost, but getting a really significant public health benefit.” 

The Government also decided to impose new restrictions on face-to-face gatherings in some areas from Friday; including Greater Geelong, Surf Coast, Moorabool, Golden Plains, Colac-Otway, and the Borough of Queenscliffe. Residents in these areas will not be allowed to host visitors, weddings, or funerals at their homes. In regards to this decision, Andrews said: 

“I know that it may seem counterintuitive that you can go to the pub but you can’t go to your mate’s place. But ultimately … the data drives that decision. That’s where the transmission is. It’s not in cafes and restaurants, but it is, in small numbers, in people’s homes. One family to another.”

These new restrictions have come with support from Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who also warned about the possible economic impacts. Victoria has now recorded a total of 9,998 coronavirus cases and 105 deaths since the pandemic began. Here’s to hoping these new restrictions can help Australia squash those numbers down.