The wax comeback is so real that people are actually making vinyl jukeboxes again

As if you needed any more proof that vinyl was well and truly back in 2016 with the wax seeing it’s best sales in 25 years, audio company Crosley has come once again come through with the goods.

Something else that hasn’t occurred in 25 years was Crosley making a vinyl jukebox, but times are changing and so are they, revealing a brand new box against all odds.

vinyl jukebox1

The craze continues it’s upward trends with the first vinyl jukebox in 25 years seeing production from an audio giant.

It’s an idea you can easily see pubs jumping on everywhere – hearing the warm crackling of a record in your dingiest dive bar or trendiest whisky joint for the first time in a quarter of a century would be special indeed.

Crosley’s reinvention of the jukebox is stylish in red and gold, echoing the classic look still realised in period films and collectors’ garages. It will hold 70 7-inch records for a total of 140 tracks, so start preparing your collection.

vinyl jukeboxes happy

However if you really want to hear something you don’t have in your crate, the jukebox has Bluetooth capability and an auxiliary cable to fill that gap.

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Via Mashable.