PSA: Netflix’s retro new game is highly addictive and we’ve already collected 50 Eggos

It’s everything we never wanted: a retro, 8-bit game featuring Piper Chapman, Pablo Escobar and other leading Netflix Characters.

It’s called Netflix Infinite Runner, and is literally an endless running game where you’re only job is to jump by pressing the space bar.


Netflix has released an addictive little game that never ends. Clear your schedules, because this baby is a real time waster.

Fans get an chance to choose from a range of Netflix originals: Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things, Pablo Escobar from Narcos, Piper Chapman from Orange Is The New Black, or Marco Polo from, you guessed it, Marco Polo.

The charming, low res music based on each show plays in the background as you navigate your way through different environments specific to your character. The Stranger Things remix is particularly cool.

I chose Piper Chapman, so found myself running through a prison, hurdling prison guards and trying to collect…chickens? Alternatively, if you chose to play as Mike, you’ll be collecting Eggos and waiting for Eleven to come and help you out.

The debut of Netflix Infinite Runner was fairly low key, and is currently only promoted on Spanish and Indian social media accounts.

The game is a tribute to the award winning TV shows we all know and love, and it looks like it will be taking up as much of our time as the featured shows initially did.

So if you don’t have anyone to Netflix and Chill with, why not give the game a shot.

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