Watch Sam Neill cover ‘Uptown Funk’ on a ukulele

Sam Neill will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Having starred in the legendary Jurassic Park franchise, the New Zealand born actor is taking full advantage of his time in isolation.

Having released a cover of Uptown Funk accompanied by a ukulele, this isn’t the first time Neill has taken to social media to showcase his musical talent.

sam neill

Since social distancing restrictions first kicked in, Sam Neill has brought us a series of homemade ukulele-led song covers.

Neill has previously dropped covers of a variety of his favourite tracks, including a rendition of Radiohead’s Creep last month. Neill’s name has been well known across the social media world since the pandemic forced everyone indoors. From cooking shows to reciting love poems, Neill has well and truly made his presence known.

And now he has tackled Uptown Funk in his latest video post on Twitter, the original bop sung by pop singer Bruno Mars.Along with the post, Neill says:

“Some songs just get your straight in the heart, and this is one of these… I’ll try not to cry.”

Catch the full post below: