WCB crafts an unnerving horror film aesthetic on new single ‘Catharsis’

WCB, also known as William Cooper Barling, is a singer-songwriter and producer originally hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, but now resides in Sydney’s eclectic Inner West.

While it has already been such a pleasure to immerse in the dark and sprawling musical creations of WCB, his latest single Catharsis could just be his best release yet. 


A flawless blend of neo-soul, electronica and trip-hop, Catharsis is a dark and moody sonic brew, and through it, WCB provokes deep emotions and a distinctive aesthetic. 

Thinking about those moments of intense build-up in a good horror film, we feel an overwhelming sense of anticipation as the stakes quickly rise. Catharsis mimics this adrenaline-fuelled feeling, something not so easily achievable in tracks with vocal additions. However, it is these darkly enchanting vocals and their distinctive R&B sensibilities which tie the track together and make it stand out from other 2020 releases. 

WCB creates music with texture at the forefront of his sonic design. Pulsing synthesisers and layered harmonies, as well as multiple allusions to a huge range of genres, means that WCB has created a sound which is hard to define in the best possible way. Furthermore, purposeful lyrics throughout the track paint the young artist not only as an incredible producer of sound and atmosphere but also as a powerful storyteller. In a statement about the creative process of Catharsis, WCB stated: 

“I was remembering a time in my love life where I had felt out of control, I felt like a particular person was everything to me, when in fact they were quite manipulative and toxic.

“I used reversed vocals and added really wide reverb to sections to create the feeling of circling within your emotions or repeated thought patterns. I wanted it to feel like a building rage, but still maintaining composure on the outside.”

Seeing WCB’s sultry horror film aesthetic be brought to life visually is what is going to help the young artist make an international name. Expanding his impressive art into the realms of filmmaking and fashion is a core focus for WCB. Curating a live performance which incorporates several short-form original videos, WCB creates an entirely immersive live experience, boasting his unique style and memorable artistic vision.

WCB may soon be seen as a pioneer of a new era of sound and will soon become a major influence to emerging artists as well as a creative inspiration to the LGBTQI+ community. Listen to Catharsis below.