WHARVES on-stage incident sees tour cancelled!

Tragedy struck at WHARVES pre-Splendour show last week, when a band member took a harsh fall live on stage, causing serious injury.

Last Thursday night, WHARVES jumped on stage at the Byron Bay Beach Hotel for a massive pre-Splendour show supporting Pacific Avenue. The energy of the night was super high, and the band matched it by getting stuck straight into their hit track, Man You Want Me to Be featuring a hectic guitar solo from Mike Watson.

Suddenly, bass player Scott Finch was seen falling to the stage, writhing around in agonising pain. As it turns out, he had dislocated his knee! Talk about rocking out hard!

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The ambulance was called and advised that Scott not be moved until they arrived. Around 40 minutes later, they finally arrived and Scott received some pain relief via the famous ‘green whistle’. He gave the crowd a shakka as the ambo’s stretchered him off stage and took him to the hospital.

The crowd cheered him off like it was some sort of footy match, and the stage was cleared for Pacific Avenue. After all, the show must go on!

Sadly, Scott’s injury turned out to be a pretty nasty one, with surgery required and a least a couple of months on light duties ahead of him. As a result, WHARVES have decided to postpone their upcoming EP tour, with new dates to be advised down the track.



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This is a tough moment for WHARVES, as they’d finally released their EP, Don’t Stop in April of this year, and then in May/June, headed off to their UK tour which was initially planned to happen in 2020.

The band had an incredible time on their UK tour, finishing off with a triumphant set at the Isle of Wight Festival. But now, The Aussie leg of their EP tour will sadly have to wait.

Credit: David Herington

After a couple of years full of tough moments, this is yet another unfortunate blow for the group. Having still been on a high from their Don’t Stop EP release, the band are absolutely gutted to not be playing to their Australian fans just yet.

However, they have put together and released a new music video for their title EP track, Don’t Stop, and they’re stoked to share it! The film was shot and edited by Scott Finch when he had two good knees. Check it out below.