Here’s what you missed at The Bank’s Long Weekend Fest

The Bank Hotel hosted 4 long nights of live music last weekend and if you weren’t there, here’s what you missed out on.

Most of us got to enjoy the lovely long weekend earlier this week thanks to the Queen’s birthday holiday on Monday.

Now you know when we hear ‘long weekend’ all we want to know is where on earth we can party for four days straight. As per usual, The Bank had us covered.

The bank waywards

Music & Booze Co. curated a multi-genre lineup to extend 20 diverse acts over four magical evenings all in one incredible venue.

Waywards welcomed everyone in to enjoy live sets throughout the weekend for the unbelievable price of absolutely free!

the bank hotel

Friday night kicked things off with Cool Sounds’ warm vibes and well, cool sounds (they really killed it with the band name). Things were turning up all night long with 6 acts, including Jordan Ireland of The Middle East with his band The Zig-Zaggers and DJ David Thompson closing the show.

Punters were completely spoilt for choice with the rest of the weekend jam-packed with local legends like Mickey Kojack, Billy Davis, Sappho and more.

There really was something for all music lovers. The only way you could be sure you wouldn’t miss out on something spectacular was by spending the entire long weekend at The Bank. Not a bad call really.

waywards music

The four-day extravaganza ended (boo!) on Monday night with a stunning slow burn of an evening.

Leroy Macqueen’s alternative country music had the crowd boot-scootin’ and toe-tappin’ until Mylee Grace took to the stage with her soothing voice.

live music at the bank

Sydney up and comer Maia Marsh slowed down the pace a little more, readying for the end of the long weekend that was never going to be long enough.

Finally, Happy Mag darling, Euan Hart rounded out the perfect weekend. We’re all too familiar with Euan’s soft, sweet and simultaneously powerful sound as earlier this year he came by Happy’s studio to hypnotise with his debut single Snowflake.

euan hart

Sadly, The Bank’s Long Weekend Fest is over and we have to re-adjust to two-day weekends. Luckily, The Bank isn’t stopping the live music any time soon.

Get down to Waywards for live music every Friday and Saturday night. 

 Find out more about what’s on at The Bank.


Photography by Maria Boyadgis.