Yargii’s ‘Just Wait’ is the solar eclipse of dreamy punk

22-year-old Melbourne artist, Yargii, releases his latest track, Just Wait, an electric tune painted in hardship and hope.

Yargii. The epitome of a solar eclipse – unique, universal and so grappling you can’t look away.

Just Wait is an enlighteningly raw track, dripping with the calming electro tones and guitar riffs of an artist who is the master of their art.


The track was put together at a time when Yargii had to harness the light of a brighter time; “I wrote the release after being arrested and in some serious legal trouble, as my past actions caught up to me very quickly. I recorded it in a hotel room when I was facing short term homelessness” he explains.

Every corner of Just Wait oozes with sincerity as the chorus echoes; “Just wait, give me some time, everything is fine, you’ll be alright”. In it’s hypnotic lyrics, the sound engineer glistens his raw vocals like phosphoresce in dark waters – there is an unmatchable glow about Yargii.

The artist, has been burrowed in the cave of music-making, spending 60+ hours a week writing, recording and producing. What has clearly come from this, is a track that shakes you to the core sonically as much as it does emotionally.


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There is nothing more powerful than an artist uncovering a sense of vulnerability in their work – the sincerity extends a golden stream between an artist and their listeners, one that can only come from experiencing life’s inevitable hardships and challenges.

Just Wait stems along the vein of Post Malone, with influences so versatile they swing from Les Paul to Lil Skies.

One thing is absolutely certain, Yargii shines a light on the darkest corners of the mind, lending a sonic hand to pull us through turmoils without an end in sight, does music get any better than that?

Check out Yargii’s Just Wait below: