Yates XV releases anthematic emo rap single ‘Hopeless Disgrace’

Hopeless Disgrace is Yates XV electrifying new single that is an ode to those who are feeling lost within themselves.

Yates XV found himself blending into the background of his hometown of Canberra, however, over time he found himself finding his voice.

Through recording and releasing his own music independently, and releasing it through Soundcloud, he started to break away from being a wallflower to now being an artist that should be on your watch list for 2023.

Yates XV
Credit: Yates XV

Through hard 808s and intense guitars to soft melodies, Yates XV has solidified himself as an artist throughout his catalog. One of these electrifying releases is his latest single Hopeless Disgrace, which was written and recorded in the four walls of his bedroom.

Hopeless Disgrace blends pop-punk power with emo-rap vocals, creating his own unique sound that comprises moody beats and gritty guitar riffs.

This is a track that will captivate your attention, with polished production and lyrics laced with melancholy, it will leave you hanging onto every last note before hitting the repeat button. He has created an anthem for the hopeless and for those of us who are feeling a bit lost within ourselves.

Yates XV
Credit: Yates XV

Yates XV has made it his mission to help those find their voice, and heal through music just as he did. Connecting with fans all around the world, from Australia to Germany, Hopeless Disgrace has traveled through thousands of people’s ears, proving that once again the internet is one of the most powerful tools that we have right at our fingertips.

If you have yet to listen to Hopeless Disgrace, then I suggest you settle down and stream it below via Spotify.