Ye drops shocking documentary ‘Last Week’: Porn, controversy and more

Ye has released a surprise documentary, packed with controversial moments, including pornographic references and celebrity disses.

On Monday (October 10), Ye surprised us all by sharing a documentary, titled LAST WEEK, on his YouTube channel. Across the 30-minute clip, the Donda rapper covers a myriad of things, including the controversy surrounding his “White Lives Matter” shirts, antisemitic comments he’s made on social media, and references to artist Drake.

Among the many contentious moments that left viewers puzzled, is a bizarre piece of footage, captured at a meeting Ye had with executives of Adidas. Beginning at timestamp 10:26, Ye is seen encircled by stools, where four Adidas executives are seated. He proceeds to show them a porn video on his phone screen.

Credit: GQ

One of the execs can be heard asking, “is this a porn movie?” to which Ye casually responds, “yeah.” Another individual quickly chimes in with “Jesus Christ.” After a few more seconds of silent and uncomfortable viewing, someone says, “c’mon, man.”

Watch Ye’s entire documentary, LAST WEEK via YouTube below: