Yesterday’s SpaceX launch got scrapped at the last minute

Sorry everyone, NASA’s SpaceX launch failed to make it out of Earth. Originally set to hit outer space yesterday, May 27th, the aircraft was halted due to weather concerns preventing its departure.

The failed attempt at lift-off has been described as a “wet dress rehearsal” by officials who are hoping that round two will go ahead this weekend.


Had NASA’s SpaceX launch actually gone ahead, it would have been a history-making moment.

The event would have marked a historical moment, as it would have ended an almost decade long reliance on Russia for transportation to space. And the scene had been set – Donald Trump had flown in for the event, successful test runs had gone ahead and the astronauts were strapped in. But the weather wasn’t having it. Sparks were flying, literally, and there was a fear that the launch would cause an overload of lightning triggering too much electricity in the atmosphere.

Elon Musk partnered with NASA to create the private space firm, SpaceX, and it would also have pinpointed the first time he had put his new technology to use. And worst of all, it seems the weather was taking the piss after all when it all cleared up just ten minutes after the launch was officially cancelled.

But luckily NASA is all systems go for this weekend which, weather permitting, should go ahead successfully.