You can now play Steven Spielberg’s lost ’90s video game online, featuring Quentin Tarantino

Ever wanted to play God in Steven Spielberg’s cult classics? You may not be aware of the Director’s Chair game that was first made available in 1997; a video game featuring Quentin Tarantino where the user plays the role of director.

Well, the game has made a return and it’s now available online – just in case you needed something else to distract you from the raging global pandemic going down at the moment.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a better director than Steven Spielberg himself? Now is your chance to sit in the director’s seat and tell Quentin Tarantino what to do.

The game creator, Paolo Pedercini, is also a lecturer at Carnegie University and has adapted the original video game to be played using an online browser. He has even christened the new game with a fresh title: Director’s Choices. Even though it has been almost impossible to access the game since it first went live due to unprecedented popularity, you can try your luck here.

Pedercini advertised the game as “an interactive movie made with bootlegged footage from a terrible ’90s CD-ROM”, in which you can navigate your favourite Tarantino scenes whilst making crucial director decisions – and best of all, you’ve got Spielberg’s expertise alongside you the whole time.

Earlier this year, Spielberg pulled out of directing the upcoming Indiana Jones 5 film. Hopefully, this game will suffice until Spielberg can get back to delivering the goods.

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