You can now download 900 hours of Andrew Weatherall’s mixes

Fans have paid tribute to the career of acid house legend Andrew Weatherall with an enormous library of his music mixes.

The online resource, called Weatherdrive, is a Google Drive folder that spans Weatherall’s career since age 25. It features live recordings, radio shows and studio mixes, amongst unreleased tracks, fan art, and old gig posters.

In the days following the death of Andrew Weatherall, fans have uploaded a colossal 900 hours of his music mixes online.

The first folder goes as far back as 1988 and hosts an array of recordings of his radio show Sabresonic, alongside sets from parties at iconic venues like Cream and Lakota in the UK. In the other folders is an overwhelming collection of DJ mixes in varying textures and styles that define the acid house genre.

Martin Brannagan, the primary contributor to Weatherdrive, has been collecting and collating Weatherall’s mixes since 1994.

“Many hard, part-time years of sorting, splicing, comparing, renaming, verifying came to the realisation in 2019 that I’d never finish the job,” he said in an interview with Mixmag. “I decided to share back to the community and release the Weatherdrive as it was.

“The joy and thrill is that I know we’re still far from complete. Andrew was so prolific and his era spanned radio rips onto cassette to mixtapes and CDRs through to early internet streaming radio and present day where all radio is streamed and full soundboards are available days after the gig.”

Access Weatherdrive here.