You could get paid £3500 to be infected with coronavirus

Have you ever dreamt of sitting around in a bio-isolation facility whilst fending off mild flu-like symptoms for the express purpose of receiving a modest sum of 3500 pounds ($7000 AUD)? Perhaps you should consider contracting coronavirus.

An East London laboratory, Queen Mary BioEnterprises, are searching for 24 candidates to be infected with two strains of coronavirus. The experiment will hopefully offer some insight into the manufacture of a possible vaccine.https://happymag.tv/you-can-get-paid…ract-coronavirus/

A laboratory in East London is offering 3500 pounds for people to be infected with mild forms of coronavirus. The research will be put towards a possible vaccine.

The strains – OC43 and 229E – produce mild respiratory symptoms, much less serious than the infamous COVID-19.

Participants will spend two weeks in isolation, adhering to a heavily restricted diet and lack of exercise. Meanwhile, frequent doctor examinations will constitute the only form of human interaction, with physical contact completely banned.

The experiment still requires the green light from the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. However, applications are currently open on FluCamp.com, run by parent company, Hvivo.

$7,000 for a small case of the flu sounds like an incredible deal, but the risks of voluntarily being infected with coronavirus need to be duly considered before applying. You can take it from here.

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