You’ll want to spend your whole life on this site that mixes ambient music with police scanner audio

Introducing youarelistening.to – your new favourite source of ambient noise. It was founded in 2010, and you would think the novelty of this would have already worn off, but spend just a few minutes within its walls and you’ll realise why it has stuck around.

The basic principle combines ambient music found on Soundcloud with police scanner radio from a whole bunch of American cities. There’s a ton of user created streams as well, and our personal recommendation is ‘NASA‘, a neverending, interplanetary ambient tracklist that plays over a live stream from the International Space Station.

ambient music police scanner radio nasa international space station

Discover your love for ambient music with youarelistening.to – a website combining ambient music with police scanner radio.

The use of police scanner samples in music isn’t a new phenomenon; mostly you’ll find it in hip hop as well as film soundtracks.

Load up the site here, and prepare to get lost.

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