Yves Tumor’s ‘Gospel For A New Century’ proves he’s in a league of his own

With music this confronting, this powerful, and this awe-inspiring, Yves Tumor has carved out a musical niche solely his own.

After knocking down the doors of restriction with his 2018 genre-freakout Safe In the Hands Of Love, Yves Tumor has returned.

This is no subtle return, in classic Tumor fashion, he bursts in through the door looking to explode your conception of music on the whole.

If you brace yourself to listen to Safe In the Hands of Love, you better be prepared. It isn’t a soft or easy trip. You are in Tumor’s rollercoaster of ideas. Every song stands alone as a single entity with no two tracks sounding anything alike. In fact, each track sounds so completely singular, it is hard to believe the Florida native was at the helm of every song.

Now based out of Turin Italy, Tumor has come into his own by creating some of the most original music you’re bound to hear this side of Radiohead. On the first teaser of his upcoming album Heaven To a Tortured Mind, Tumor decides he is going to be a brass section, John Bonham and Nirvana all rolled into a single avalanche of noise. Gospel For A New Century explodes into existence with a stuttering drum sample. Finally getting into its vinyl skipping groove, the track reaches lofty heights of transcendent. The music simply explodes. What is so impressive is that it continues to get bigger and bigger the deeper down the rabbit hole he goes.

Tumor’s music is like looking at a Jackson Pollock painting and realising that every layer, every splat of paint, builds a monolithic structure. The final product is confronting, completely inspired and wholly original. It may seem like a mess, and to some people, that’s what it is. However, to others, this is some of the most powerful and awe-inspiring music being made at the moment.

I’m happy to say I’m safe in the hands of Yves Tumor. If he keeps making music this boundless, the world is his to conquer.

If you want to delve into his devilish universe, check out the nightmare-inducing video for Gospel For A New Century below.