The best of the Inner West: here are 5 acts you can’t miss at Newtown Festival 2017

Newtown Festival is fast approaching, less than two weeks away at this point. If you’re a local, I’m sure you’re well aware.

Thanks to Newtown Neighbourhood Centre and curator Sarah Blasko, the lineup this year is extra special, with 16 of the 16 acts hailing from Newtown itself. A cohort brimming with local mainstays as well as some serious up-and-comers, we’re itching for the day to kick off.

the goods newtown festival 2017 acts to see
Photo: Dani Hansen. Read our interview with The Goods here.

Keen on this year’s Newtown Festival? With less than two weeks on the calendar, here are 5 local acts you simply cannot miss.


After the timely release of their debut EP Polychronic not four days ago, there’s never been a better time to catch MEZKO live. A grungy electronic duo known for blasting devilish beats as dark as the night, they’re one of the newer names around Newtown but catching some serious momentum.

They dropped the video for Steady On in line with their EP on Friday. Check it out below.

The Goods

Responsible for some of the best funk-infused tunes kicking around Australia right now, The Goods have been flawless since the introduction of their third member Black Tree earlier in the year.

They’ve released two singles since the new roster was cemented, Make Your Move and Glow, the latter of which you can listen to below.

Spit Syndicate

Newtowners through and through, Spit Syndicate have been repping local talent since day one through One Day, their collective which also includes HorrorshowJoyride and Jackie Onassis.

These bastions of Sydney hip hop released their latest LP One Good Shirt Had Us All Fly back in April this year. Listen to single Know Better below.

Food Court

The garage lords over at Food Court have been kicking around for years now, but 2017 saw them trot over to SXSW and release their debut album Not My Way. A band who has done the slog right from the gnarliest of dive bars up to the bigger stages, these days they never fail to pull a killer crowd to hometown gigs.

Get around their album below.


If you can’t resist a delectable disco groove or a sultry synth line, Gauci will have you head over heels. Top-tier production dipped in a heathy love for the ’80s and Italian disco, they’re one of the most stylish Sydney acts kicking around at the moment.

They’ve only got two tracks out at the moment, so catching Gauci live is currently the only way to experience their catalogue. Hear the latest single Taking Over below.

Newtown Festival 2017 takes place on November 12 at Camperdown Memorial Park. Grab all the details on their website or Facebook event.

Happy Mag will also have our very own stall at this year’s Newtown Festival – make sure you come say hi!