Abbie Chatfield’s most recent sex confession

Reality star turned TV and radio personality Abbie Chatfield opened up with a few raunchy details about her sex life.

In a conversation on her radio show, Abbie Chatfield admitted to engaging in a sexy rendezvous in a very unusual location.

Abbie was chatting with her radio co-host Rohan Edwards on her Hot Nights with Abbie radio show when she opened up about having sex in the ocean and just how stressful it was.

abbie chatfield sex
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“I’ve had sex in the ocean before,” Abbie said.

“Salt water, bit different to a pool vibe” Edwards chimed in.

“Oh, It was so stressful!” Abbie exclaimed.

Edwards immediately questioned her, clearly forgetting what a wild and untameable beast the ocean is, to which Abbie responded by saying: “Cause you’re having sex in the ocean!”

“Yeah but you’re just cuddling, no one would know,” Edwards said, still clearly missing the point.

“Yeah no one knew but I was like, I’m gonna get like a sea urchin up there or something!” Abbie explained.

This isn’t the first time the 27-year-old has opened up about her sex life. Earlier this year, Abbie Chatfield spoke about her decision to be in a non-monogamous relationship with her boyfriend and fellow reality TV star, Konrad Bien-Stephens.


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A few weeks into the new dynamic, Abbie admitted there was an “issue” with the set-up, pointing out that her man had already slept with two people while she had “no prospects in sight”.

Not to worry though, the influencer has rectified things and proudly announced on her podcast It’s A Lot that she had finally gotten some action, and we’re pretty sure it was at the 2022 Logies because the story came out while she was dishing about the evening.

While discussing the occasion Abbie broke down in tears while regaling her audience with the tale of struggling to get a photo in her gown. 

She then followed up with: “What else has happened? Oh yeah, I finally rooted someone which is nice. Good for me,”

Maybe the triumph wasn’t at the actual Logies but the event was held on the Gold Coast so, plenty of beaches to get freaky on.