Audient kicks off 2021 with a new range of audio interfaces and recording gear
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Audient kicks off 2021 with a new range of audio interfaces and recording gear

Audient has begun 2021 with a bang, launching updated versions of their iD4 and ID14 interfaces, plus the EVO Start Recording Bundle.

Audient is coming off the back of a huge 2020: a year in which they launched the brilliant EVO series of audio interfaces. Now they’ve reached into their back catalogue, launching the revamped iD4 MKII and iD14 MKII.

The company says that it “has taken this opportunity to make significant upgrades to the audio performance and feature sets of both iD4 and iD14, making sure they are now comparable with its most powerful interface, the iD44.”

Audient iD14

Audient has long been famed for the ultra-clean transparency and high headroom of its preamps, so it’s good to see that things have only improved on that front. Both new interfaces offer 120dB of dynamic range at the ADC stage, 126 dB at the DAC stage, with vanishingly small total harmonic distortion.

Significantly, the iD4 MKII and iD14 MKII are entirely bus-powered via USB 3.0, which is enough to power the dual headphone outputs and the JFET Hi-Z input. In another bonus for truly portable recording, there’s a USB-C input and iOS compatibility. Aside from the generous audio specs on offer, the range has a slick and dark new aesthetic.


Part two of Audient’s New Year’s bash is the EVO Start Recording Bundle. It features the EVO 4 interface, EVO SR1 large-diaphragm condenser (pictured above), EVO SR2000 monitoring headphones, shockmount and XLR cable. As the name suggests, it has everything you need to literally start recording now.

For all the details, head over to the Audient website.