‘Brewmaster’ will allow you to master the art of beer…without the hard work

Ever dreamed of becoming a master of beer but don’t fancy all the hard work? Don’t lift a finger, homebrewing simulator Brewmaster is coming in 2022.

Long have I considered the art of homebrewing. Long have I decided against entering into the fray. The space requirements and all the associated cleaning-up always kind of put me off. However, an upcoming homebrewing simulator, aptly titled Brewmaster, provides an elegant solution; just do it digitally.

Brewmaster, currently being developed by Auroch Digital and Sold Out, will allow players to create their own craft beers. Although really that’s just the start. Brewmaster is to homebrewing what Railroad Tycoon is to railways. It will be an all encompassing experience that combines creation, competition and business.

beer simulator
Image: Brewmaster / Auroch Digital

What will you actually be able to do in Brewmaster?

Players will be able to choose different varieties of grains, hops and yeast, as well as deciding what fermentation process they want to use, to create their dream beer. Once that is completed, and you are happy with the results, you will be able to enter your prized creation in tournaments to see how it measures up. If things go well you can even put the beer on the Brewmaster market and watch those digital dollars pile up.

How these features will work isn’t entirely clear, although Brewmaster‘s vibe seems to be pretty laid back. So I wouldn’t expect extreme realism and immersion.

Nonetheless, it seems of paramount importance that the digital beers match up with how that beer would actually taste in real life. I want to know that my special IPA, made using bottle fermentation and a near extinct variety of barley, would actually taste good. Otherwise what are we really doing here people?

Similarly, I want to know if you can play dirty in the Brewmaster business. I understand that this is craft beer we are talking about, so it should be done for the love of the game, but what if Johnny Brewster’s nasty, black lager keeps taking top prize at the county fair. Will this game make it possible for me to slip some coarse black pepper into his stills under the cover of night? Or better yet slide a few hundred dollars to the head judge?

Jokes aside, Brewmaster is still a ways off so expect more updates when we get an official release date. Currently the game is scheduled for 2022 and will launch on  PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch. Until then we’ll all just have to settle for the real thing.