Cardi B kicks off 2023 by going Emo with her Fall Out Boy cover

Kicking 2023 off with a banger, Cardi B shares a moment of embracing her love for the Emo community by singing Fall Out Boy’s Sugar We’re Goin’ Down.

Out of everything 2022 had to offer us last year, the one thing we did not have placed on our 2023 bingo card was Cardi B starting the year by belting out Fall Out Boy’s most renowned emo classic Sugar We’re Goin’ Down.

The moment the clock struck midnight the rapper kicked off 2023 in a wholesome moment of emo-ness by belting out a few lines from the track, before downing a few shots in celebration of the new year. Following the shots, Cardi declared that Sugar We’re Goin’ Down is her favourite song.

Cardi B Met Gala
Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

This pure moment was captured by TikTok user @Lippyleah. They captioned the video saying “Cardi B singing Fall Out Boy first thing after midnight on new year’s day is exactly how I wanted to start my new year”.

@lippyleah #happynewyear #cardib #offset ♬ original sound – lippyleah

However, this is not the first time Cardi has declared her love towards the emo community. A few months back in a tweet she expressed her love for the “emo kids” at her high school who she stated were “actually really cool and will give me free cigarettes”.

However, she did follow up in a second tweet stating that she was not in fact ever an emo kid, so the possibility of Cardi ever teaming up with Fall Out Boy in a collab appears to be very unlikely.

However, let’s relish in the fact that all those who were gathered at Miami’s E11EVEN nightclub on New Year’s Eve got to witness a once-in-a-blue-moon crossover that will play a part in internet history – well at least for us emo’s anyways.