Danny G sorts through the tracks that inspired his latest EP ‘Interactions’

Cole, Robert Glasper, and Miles Davis feature on Danny G’s playlist of inspirations for new EP ‘Interactions’. 

By now, we hope you’re up to speed with Danny G, the Sydney producer and instrumentalist who blew us away with his expansive album ‘Konpazouka’.

That record — a dazzling fusion of jazz, latin, soul, hip-hop — was merely a taste of the greatness to come, with a follow-up EP ‘Interactions’ arriving earlier this month. 

Danny G

While both projects are clearly the work of an artist who’s mastered their sound, Danny G wears his inspirations on his sleeve, and is aware that he stands on the shoulders of giants.

Below, he swings by Happy to share a playlist of tracks that inspired ‘Interactions’, from a beloved duo with “so much style and finesse” to a “hero and absolute master of the trumpet.” 

Catch Danny G’s full playlist breakdown below, and scroll down to listen to Danny G’s latest EP ‘Interactions’. 

‘Frowning Smiles’ — Terrace Martin and Robert Glasper

Starting with Terrace Martin and Robert Glasper, two of my favourite modern musicians with so much style and finesse.

These cats are so influential in where jazz has been headed in more recent times incorporating modern technology and fusing Rnb/soul and hip-hop flavour in such a hip kind of way.

‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ — J. Cole

J.Cole really mastered the melancholic chilled – melodic jazzy rap thing with touches of trumpet. That album inspired me and “I wanna get down” definitely touches on this feel.

‘Nuit Étoilée’ — Zo Konpa

Zo Konpa are a Haitian music label that have been putting out some great Konpa – Gouyad and Zouk music which has been a huge inspiration for me lately.

“Fruits” draws from this style a little, and of course my recent album “Konpazouka” which is hugely influenced by this sound.

‘Universe’ — The RH Factor

The third track on the EP is taken from a jam we had on this Roy Hargrove track. The late great Roy Hargrove was an absolute legend and innovator.

He is without a doubt one of my favourite trumpet players and jazz artists ever! This is the original version of that track entitled “Universe.”

‘Witness’ — Nicholas Payton

Nicholas Payton is my hero! He is an absolute master of the trumpet and the keys which are also my two main instruments. He is always so creative and soulful.

He was definitely experimenting with electronic beats, samples and textures on this one just as Disc Jose and myself have been in our collaborations such as our latest EP “Interactions.”

‘God Lives Through’ — A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest were a huge influence on me growing up with their jazz sampled hip-hop and raw street sound that was super smooth and bouncy at the same time.

‘Ba Li Love’ — DJ Inno and Dj Ralph Bb

This track is another example of some Konpa Gouyad / Zouk goodness! My favourite music to dance to!

‘Big Fun’ — Miles Davis

Miles Davis is probably my favourite musician ever and lately I’ve been really digging into the depths his funky psychedelic electric period from the late 60s and early 70s.

His sound during this period was so raw and free and expressive of life in all its beauty, ugliness and chaos.

‘Red Clay’ — Freddie Hubbard

Red Clay by Freddie Hubbard is just a timeless classic and very influential on my sound also!

‘Shake’ — Baecastuff

And finally a short raw little improv from one of my favourite Sydney Jazz-fusion groups ever Baecastuff with the amazing Phil Slater on trumpet and Matt McMahon on keys. Another two of my musical heroes and mentors growing up.