Kick your David Lynch obsession to the next level with a vinyl reissue of the Blue Velvet soundtrack

The 1986 noir masterpiece Blue Velvet directed by David Lynch is a favourite to many yet a failure to some. Overtly sexual and overwhelmingly violent at points, Lynch passed around the original screenplay for many years before an independent Italian studio finally agree to produce the flick.

The first time I watched it, there was a definite knee-jerk reaction of “that was fantastic, let’s never watch it again”. If you can’t stomach the love and horror of Blue Velvet another time, at least soon you’ll be able to enjoy the soundtrack on vinyl.

blue velvet vinyl reissue

Inspired by Shoshtakovich’s 15th Symphony and featuring Roy Orbison and Bobby Vinton, the Blue Velvet soundtrack was made to inspire a haunting beauty.

Given the film recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and the recent reintroduction of David Lynch into pop culture through the Twin Peaks machine, there couldn’t be a better time for this reissue to come around.

The score was composed by Lynch’s longstanding collaborator Angelo Badalamenti and includes a few vintage pop songs scattered throughout the tracklist. In Dreams by Roy Orbison and Blue Velvet by Bobby Vinton both make an appearance.

The soundtrack will be pressed on blue and black vinyl. Check it out below.

blue velvet vinyl reissue

Find the soundtrack on Bandcamp here.

Via The Vinyl Factory.