A woman pretending to be a nun gets banned from church

After countless disturbances, a fake nun was banned from going within 150 yards of Clonard Monastery in Belfast.

After dressing up in a brown habit and causing a scene during multiple services, a woman by the name of Rachel Mulcahy has been banned from Belfast’s Clonard Monastery. When countless complaints by parishioners were ignored by the fake nun, priests of the church decided they were well and truly sick of her shit, so they called cops on her.

Last week, Mulcahy was issued a court injunction, which bans her from going within 150 yards of the monastery. In light of this devastating news, she shared some thoughts with Sunday Life: “I am praying for the souls of the parishioners and the priests. I’m praying for you too. I’m going to need some time to consider this before deciding to speak further.”

Rachel Mulcahy. Credit: Sunday Life

This was followed up by a letter delivered to the news outlet, where Mulcahy wrote, “I’m in love. Head over heels. I can’t stop it. I love Jesus Christ so much that all I can think about is him. There is no-one else I can think about only him. I adore him. I never ever want to be away from him.”

Of course, Mulcahy’s die-hard obsession with JC doesn’t come as new information to residents of the Belfast city centre area, where she’s become famous for dancing to religious songs, along with two evangelical preachers who are frequently seen playing instruments behind her.

Credit: Canva

That’s not the only place she’s been spotted, though. Just two weeks ago, Rachel caused quite the ruckus outside a Dublin post office. Dancing hysterically to Christian music, she was seen waving her arms around before falling to the ground and screaming, “Christ, come into me.”

Inside sources with information about the injunction have reportedly said that her post office performance actually played a big part in getting the court order approved, as they “mirrored” her actions outside the Monastery.

Clonard Monastery in Belfast. Credit: The Irish Catholic

“She was showing up at services in Clonard dressed in a brown habit, even though she is not a nun,” said an insider. “Her behaviour was exactly the same, throwing her arms in the air, making all sorts of wild claims about God, and then writhing about on the altar.”

As far as religious scandals go, this one is definitely more on the wholesome and harmless side. We don’t know what they’ve been putting in the Holy Water lately, but it appears that ‘nuns gone wild’ is a new trend this year. While the weed-worshipping Californian Sisters who made headlines in January are fierce contenders, we’d have to say this Belfast phoney takes the cake for being our favourite rebel nun story of 2022 thus far.

Let her preach!