Will Smith could lose his new Netflix movie

Following his very public assault at The Oscars last week, some projects starring Will Smith have been put on hold indefinitely.

The world has been divided by Will Smith’s assault on Chris Rock; some folks are showing support while others want the pair drawn and quartered.

Other than the public speculation and backlash, Will’s actions are, of course, having some professional consequences as well.

Will Smith Oscars

One week prior to The Oscars debacle, director David Leitch withdrew from his position from the Netflix movie Fast and Loose starring Will Smith. Impeccable timing.

Leading on from this, Netflix started to search for potential replacements but, since the slap, Netflix has decided to quietly push the production of Fast and Loose to be less of a priority for the streaming service giant.

Will is also set to feature in Apple+’s Emancipation¬†which is currently in post-production with an initial release roughly scheduled for 2022. The Hollywood Reporter reached out to confirm this but they refused to comment.

will smith Emancipation
Image: Will Smith / I Am Legend

To top it all off, Rolling Stone reported that Will Smith has received 40 pages for the next Bad Boys instalment but Sony has also decided to make its development less of a priority.

Will Smith currently has a number of works scheduled for the horizon but with his recent resignation from the Academy and the world continuing to make fun of the situation, who knows how long it will last.